Fields of expertise

Technical expertise on behalf of companies, private individuals, lawyers, the insurance sector and courts. For all industrial and property-related matters, even cutting-edge techniques. An advice, an evaluation, a guidance? We’re at your service!

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NABLA Energy acts as an independent expert. Ready to listen to its clients, to understand them, and give them the best help. Probity, respect for the client, compliance with deadlines, and honesty are our operational watchwords at NABLA. Recognition of these values by our clients is our reward.

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Who are we?

NABLA Energy was set up in 2010. Extensive experience of industry and training courses in acquired expertise, plus a degree in electronic engineering, led Giles DELOUVROY to broaden his knowledge throughout his career. Since 2009, that experience has been given at the service of his clients.

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For further information, please contact us on 0477/645406 or via the contact page.