NABLA Energy was set up in April 2010 by Giles Delouvroy.

Considerable experience has been acquired, both in terms of distribution network techniques and in the knowledge of liberalised energy markets.

Giles Delouvroy was one of the most active participants in the liberalisation of the market in terms of the processing of meter data and management of communication between the various players in the market. He drew up the documents that made it possible to guarantee the balance between purchased and sold energy, as well as retrospective checks on universal consumption.

Before NABLA was set up, many expert report cases were awarded in highly varied fields (electric vehicles, incidents involving high and low voltage, safety audits, etc.) opening the way for the development and creation of NABLA.

In the course of his professional life, he has acquired wide-ranging experience in management and business.

Since setting up NABLA, various fields of expertise have been spotlighted, allowing NABLA to develop and grow. Expert reports to courts have allowed them open access to these highly-specific procedures.

Armed with an analytical and open mind, he is also called upon to resolve technical aspects (expert reports following fires, research and development, etc.) as well as organisational aspects connected to techniques (procedures, reorganisation, etc.)

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