NABLA seeks to understand its clients’ requirements fully, in order to provide them with better assistance. Learning together how to go further, and better.

>> Probity
With NABLA, the job is carried out rigorously, with precision applied in order to get to the real truth. Our expert appraisals are recognised for their investigative qualities and clarity. Appraisals may be carried out in the presence of both parties if you so wish.

Only missions where fields of competence in expert appraisals are applicable are accepted. We are continually learning in order to anticipate technical developments and so serve you better.

>> Respect for the client and the mission awarded, keeping to deadlines and prices.
Expert appraisals are carried out while fulfilling commitments throughout. Applicable solutions to your problems are sought, analyses are carried out to the end in order to provide you with the optimum solution. We assure a total transparency with regard to the work carried out.

>> Partnership
We envisage a partnership with our clients on the basis of openness, communication, and conclusive results. Our objective: an equitable working relationship and a strong and lasting understanding. Fair and flawless communication is our credo.

>> Ongoing training
It is necessary to keep abreast of technical developments and undergo proper training in chosen disciplines; electronic engineer; additional recognised training courses add special skills such as thermography, legal expertise and property expertise.