Whether you are looking for advice, post-incident intervention, or monitoring of your facilities, you can count on our assistance and knowledge.
Expertise for companies and private individuals, for everything relating to buildings, energy and energy management.
Experienced as expert for courts, also as technical and specialist advisor.
Standard or cutting-edge techniques, techniques for distribution and transport networks, and also in private facilities.



Backed by experience in HV networks as a duty engineer, and numerous expert appraisals of HV equipment, monitoring networks, incidents and fires, we help you:

– In all your projects connected with HV electricity (specifications, purchasing, metering, etc.

– To analyse incidents at your facilities, ensure compliance of electrical networks from 1kV to 150kV, and provide advice on incident monitoring or compliance measures.

– Ensure monitoring of your technical facilities (thermography, obsolescence, output, compliance, control, functions, unexpected outages, asset management, etc.)



Backed by experience in LV networks as a duty engineer, and numerous expert appraisals of HV equipment, incidents and fires, NABLA helps you:

– In all your projects connected with electricity (specifications, purchasing, metering, harmonic interference, grid disturbances, unexpected outages, etc.)

– Analyse incidents at your facilities / electrical network from 240V/400V (capacitor banks, short-circuits, disruptive tripping, etc.).

– Evaluate your damage after an incident.

– Ensure monitoring of your technical facilities (thermography, obsolescence, output, compliance, control, functions, unexpected outages, asset management, etc.)

NABLA seeks innovative solutions for you, your company, your project.



Thanks to numerous development projects, and analyses of incidents and fires, we help you:

  • With all your projects connected with electronics (specifications, purchasing, research and development projects, etc.).
  • Analyse incidents involving your equipment and determine the paths of evolution within a development (defective components, series of repeated incidents, service life analysis, search for improvements, etc.).
  • Develop specific applications for use targeted at your requirement.


Thanks to a training course in 2018, which was logical following the areas of expertise already achieved, many connections having to be made with the property sector, NABLA is able to offer you:

  • In all your property developments, monitoring and priceless assistance in assessing your damage, drawing up an inventory following a fire, producing a report on the premises before and after leasing.
  • Assistance with any neighbourhood or incident-related disputes (flood, damage, etc.) in order to establish by means of an expert report the origin of or search for liability.
  • Follow you up in any property-related legal measures.


Experience unfortunately acquired over the years allows NABLA to:

  • Support you with expert reports on the damage, as well as the search for liability.
  • Produce an expert report on the factors called into question to determine the origin of a fire, plus those factors that allowed it to develop.

NABLA possesses numerous items of measuring and testing equipment, which are placed at your disposal when an expert report is produced. This equipment, sometimes very sophisticated, makes it possible to ensure the equitability of the expert report, and help us to react rapidly to your request. Amongst others, we have:

  • 2 infrared cameras
  • 48- and 12-entry Datalogger, with temperature probes, clamps ammeters,
    force sensor, level sensor, heat meter, flow meter, etc.
  • Micro-ohmmeter, Oscilloscope, LCR meter, Geiger counter, Anemometer.
  • Network voltage quality analyser (single, three-phase, 3 and 4 wires).
  • Precision multimeters, clamps ammeters, electronic component tester
  • 15 pen sensors for measuring dew point, humidity, temperature.
  • Climatic tent with humidity/heat generator.
  • Safety tester up to 3kV AC and DC and 30A.
  • Current injector (100A) and voltage injector (up to 24kV).
  • …tell us what you are trying to measure.


Our passion for the mechanical has led us to add this field of expertise. From vintage cars to machine tools, via cogeneration, we support you:

  • With the analysis of any incident in your mechanical installations
  • With the management of your machine pool.
  • Assists you with any mechanical work, vehicle, cogeneration, installation and commissioning of machines. Production of safety instructions.
  • With modifications to any machine-tool with a view to improved safety.
  • With checks on your machines using infra-red thermography to ensure the condition of your machine pool (asset management).


These installations are becoming increasingly common, so it is important to monitor and maintain them, and above all to keep an eye on their development. We assist you:

  • With the monitoring of your facilities, checking total output, while helping you to seek storage and emergency supply solutions.
  • With the completion of all your photovoltaic projects.
  • With the analysis of your energy requirements and the search for a reduction.


Taking thermographic images allows us to measure differences in temperature, and temperature by benchmarking. These differences in temperature appear in the form of differences in colour, allowing analysis of the ‘thermal’ image.

Thermography is used in building (heat loss, humidity, thermal bridges, etc.), for electrical technical installations (poor contacts, overloads, advanced partial discharges, etc.) and mechanical installations (defective bearings, unwanted friction, etc.)
Thermography is an exact science. Sending you a series of images without comments is not enough. Each thermographic analysis must contain an analysis for which its author takes responsibility.

NABLA assists you:

  • To carry out thermographic audits of the building and your mechanical/electrical technical facilities, we also monitor this equipment
  • By using thermography to ensure the sustainability of your facilities. Each installation that is monitored has a history, which is shared with the client in complete transparency.
  • With your searches for underground and in-wall ducts.